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Video Excerpts From the Toolbox DVD
The Absolute Method For Beginning Snare Drum

In the Book . . .

  • Instructions on set-up & tuning your snare drum
  • Ten lessons covering reading, stroke types, cut time, triple meter, rudiments, and more
  • 20 solos and 11 duets, each focused on the material for each lesson
  • Fun "Eye-Q Review" tests at the end of each lesson
  • Chop-Builders Page
  • The "15 Toolbox Essential Rudiments"
  • Five rudiment solos each focusing on (3) rudiments
  • A two-page "Grand Finale" solo

Included on the DVD . . .

  • Video instruction for each lesson in the "Toolbox"
  • An interview with Scott Brown detailing classroom format
  • Video instruction on the nine "Toolbox" percussion instruments with Dr. Julie Hill
  • Two play-along tracks (mp3's at two tempos) for every solo & duet
  • 62 mp3 "Groove Tracks" diverse in styles and tempos for practice
  • 26 mp3 Stick-Click metronome tempos
  • Over 40 pages of additional exercises, the PAS 40 Rudiments, instructions on how to build a classroom practice pad and a percussion ensemble in printable PDF format
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What Folks Say! . . .

  • I attended the Midwest Clinic last week and wanted to buy Ritmo Suave. You were out of copies at the booth and quickly shipped it out to me so my students could get it before holiday break. I want to say thank you for getting it to me in a timely manner. We read through a good chunk of it today and the kids love it! I've always appreciated your committment for providing playable literature for high school students. Now, I also greatly appreciate your outstanding service. Thank you very much!
    Walter Riesenberg Director of Percussion Studies Grove City High School

  • The Snare Drummer’s Toolbox is a unique, multimedia resource for today’s beginning percussionist. The book and DVD present fundamental musical concepts in a fun and interactive way for students of all ages. This method book is not only a great tool for the student but also a useful resource for today’s music educator.
    Ryan Frost / Percussion Educator / WV University

  • I purchased your new "Drummers Toolbox" this fall for use at our middle school.  The book is absolutely fantastic!  I have sung its praises to any who would listen..... it has been a great tool for working with our young percussionists that I wish I had possessed years ago.  Keep up the good work!
    Dan McGuire / Director of Percussion Science High School / Johnson City, TN